Sunday, 16 May 2010

House of Lords Reform

One of the key areas of policy that the Lib-Con Coalition will be focusing on is electoral reform. Already we have seen plans for a referendum for the AV system to be used for election to the House of Commons. but what about the House of Lords.

Apparently there are plans to reform the House of Lords, but into what is the question?
Here are a few options;

Scrap all Lords currently sitting, Election for Lords will use the traditional counties as constituencies and either AV or FPTP used to elect them. We will then have a fully elected Second chamber comprising of around 110 Lords.

Elect the Lords using fully PR and multi-member constituencies. No estimate on how many Lords we will then have.

Adopt the additional member or closed list and use a regional basis, meaning we vote for party but the Parties themselves pick who takes the seats.

I Personally would favour the first option as it lowers the number of Lords, uses a system that will not favour extreme parties and uses boundaries already in place.

The choice made by the coalition will however fundamentally change the system of Government we have in place.

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