Monday, 14 June 2010

The Big 3 and their Visions for Europe

Apologies for the lack of posting, life has gotten in the way.

As reported by the BBC ( there has been some rift betweeen France and Germany on the direction of the EU specifically on debt reduction. With the new Coalition Government in Westminster I believe it is a valid view that the Big 3 of Europe (being the UK, Germany and France) want 3 entirely different European Unions

For Germany, an export driven country, I believe they wish the EU to be an economic engine, producing goods and services for the the world and bringing wealth to the EU. As Germany is a leading exporter nation it could be said provide the fuel in exporting to non-EU countries bringing in the lifeblood of the EU, Cold hard cash, to spend on shipping in products and using services provided by other EU nations enhancing the wealth of all the EU and making the EU an Economic superpower.

France however, appears to be pushing for the EU to be Bigger Government, wanting to form a new secretariat (which they will likely want a say in who runs it) to co-ordinate all of the EU member states economies for the good of the EU, evidenced by their Peer-review idea for national Budgets before they get seen in parliaments.

The UK which now has the hybrid European policy of Lib Dem Integration and Tory stand-offness makdes it seem that the UK wants a European Market. This differes fromt eh German view as the Germans will most likely want co-ordination to make sure the eu members are strong while the UK will want a slightly more laissez-faire approach to the EU market.

this ofcourse is just my personal speculation, what do you think?